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"Do you have traditional clothing?"

Translation:An bhfuil éadaí traidisiúnta agat?

April 17, 2015



When do I use an bhfuil and when atá?


An bhfuil is used when a question is being asked without a relative clause; atá is used within a relative clause (not necessarily with a question).


Could you give an example, please?


For atá, here’s Article 12, §3, 2° of the Irish constitution:

Duine atá nó a bhí ina Uachtarán, is intofa chun na hoifige sin é aon uair amháin eile, ach sin a mbeidh.

A person who holds, or who has held, office as President, shall be eligible for re-election to that office once, but only once.

This exercise’s translation above demonstrates an bhfuil.


Thanks, I already understand that much better now!

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