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How to learn without using sound?

I need to learn German visually, i.e. without speakers and microphones. I've only just started on Duolingo yesterday and immediately hit this obstacle. Is it not possible to learn a language in Duolingo this way? If I try to skip the bits needing speakers I get routed back to the beginning.

May 13, 2012



on the top of the page there is a microphone and speaker, if you click on them it will turn these off in the lessons.


You can turn off microphone and speakers in the settings. But that will not help you with the questions that are audio only (the ones with the large speaker symbol). As you said, you can't solve them without sound.

I think it would be a good idea to have an option to skip those as well. Audio is surely a great part of a language but there are situations when you can't or won't use audio, for whatever reason. Not to mention that those audio only questions are a hurdle for hearing impaired persons, as they probably will not be able to solve that questions. Such an option would definitively increase the accessibility of this site.


In that case Duolingo is no good to me and I'll cancel my membership. Thanks for the help.

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