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Posting Discussion Restriction

Perhaps we need a way to limit the amount of senseless spam that ends up on the discussion board. Maybe if Duolingo can make it so a user must be at least on level 2 of a language to create a discussion. This prevents people from just creating "spam - accounts".

If the user is below level 2 and needs to post a question regarding actual lessons, the post goes through a checking process via a moderator.

Maybe someone has a different suggestion? I'm just tired of seeing idiotic posts on the discussion board, such as asdfjaskdjf or suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup.



September 13, 2013



Maybe to hide/suppress discussion when the main post has more than 10 downvotes ? Except spam/junk/idiotic discussions, I don't remember to see a discussion downvoted 10 or more, so I think it could be a good limit.

And/or when a discussion have more than 10 downvoted it's hidden and moderators are asked if they want to put it back despite the downvotes.

The other idea already proposed a lot of time, but Duo needs time to do it if they want to, it's to make a special tab for all this "HI/Hello/Wanna be my friend/How are you/speaking about life not languages" (and junk discussions) discussions and try to push people to send it there and maybe allow user to report that a discussion should be in this or this catergory and after 5 votes the author of the discussion is mailed to ask him if he wants to move it a suggested and/or ask a moderator if the post has to be moved or automatically move it


I feel your pain ziggKogg.

I like your solution of moderators checking posts from users below a certain level.

But, simultaneously, I'm trying to keep an open mind. I think a lot of these inane posts are originating from enthusiastic young users that are likely referred by their foreign language instructor. I expect that once October rolls around, these fledgling Duolingo owls will either depart for greener pastures or settle down and become vital, important contributors to Duolingo.

So, is it really worth instituting a posting restriction?

Though, I must admit down voting is a highly ineffective deterrent against the promulgation of their inane posts.


Perhaps they could install a flood monitor that looks for "head bonk" character groups and chains of meaningless letters strung together? Advertising it openly would alert those who wish to make earnest posts. Those who simply want to post alphanumeric representations of Bronx cheers and ululation would find their posts magically disappearing into a consideration bin for inspection and approval.


Yes, something along those lines, filter out the nonsense posts immediately.

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