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  5. "Hon slutade läsa böcker."

"Hon slutade läsa böcker."

Translation:She stopped reading books.

April 17, 2015



What about "she finished reading books"?


There's a difference in meaning between 'finished' and 'stopped' that makes finished unsuitable here. slutade läsa means she quit or stopped (= she ceased doing it), but 'finished' means she did it to some extent that fulfilled some kind of measure. In Swedish, it would be something like 'blev klar med' or some construction including the adverb färdigt. Like: Jag har läst färdigt/klart den här boken = 'I've finished reading this book'. (there's also the handy particle verb läst ut which means 'read all of the book' or 'read the book until the end'.)


She stopped to read books


… would be Hon stannade för att läsa böcker.


I'm still confused by this. Why does 'slutade läsa' trasnslate into 'stopped reading' rather than 'stopped to read'?


In 'stopped to read', to has the meaning in order to. In other English expressions like 'I like to read', to does not have that meaning. It depends on the first verb but I don't really have any rules handy for how that works in English.


why she ceased reading books was marked incorrect??


It's been added. It's ok in meaning, but a closer translation is upphörde, which is more on the same level stylistically. That word is constructed like this: Hon upphörde med att läsa böcker. It does sound a bit pretentious, but different strokes for different folks :)


Probably not technically wrong, but I don't really hear people talk like that, even in formal conversation. Report it if you'd like.

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