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  5. "La loro risposta è positiva."

"La loro risposta è positiva."

Translation:Their answer is positive.

September 13, 2013



Why is "la" needed here? Why not just say "Loro risposta e positiva?"


«Loro risposta è positiva.» = "They answer is positive." «La loro» makes it "their."


Much clearer now, thank you!


Because in this sentence, "loro" is a possessive pronoun and must be preceded by the article "la" (la risposta).


why can't you say " their response is positive" I got this wrong?


Duo does not like the word response...guess how I know that??? Although in English answer and response have the same meaning, DUO disagrees. Also do you know that donna ONLY means woman??? NEVER lady. Consequently, as English speakers we must put aside our vast English knowledge and go with DUO's narrow view if we wish to learn Italian through this FREE site.

I know Italian (this is a much needed review for me) and that does assist me in determining answers. OTOH, I am not tempted to learn new languages here because of this flaw. This is a fairly new site, and I am sure, that through the years there will be a great deal of improvement.


This is a problem, because in English it is more precise to say "responses are positive" than to say "answers are positive". Answers might be affirmative, but to say that they are positive sounds unidiomatic to me.


Does positive mean 'optimistic' or 'true'?


It doesn't have to be either. It could be grammatically positive. "Did you not go to the bank yesterday?" "I did."


why is reply not acceptable Their reply(risposta)is positive

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