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  5. "Combien ça coûte ?"

"Combien ça coûte ?"

Translation:How much does it cost?

September 13, 2013



I said "How much does this cost?". Could someone explain why this was marked wrong?


It shouldn't be, your sentence is a good translation


same here....I wrote "how much does it cost?"...and lost a heart..:(


"How much does it cost?" was listed as one of the correct solutions.


now it's marked as right

[deactivated user]

    Stil marked as wrong


    Still marked wrong (Dec 2020)


    Still marked as wrong for me (Oct 2020)


    It's accepted now.


    Nope sadly it isn't. Just made the same 'mistake'. Strange, because two sentences back they said that 'Côut' means 'costs'


    Unfortunately it isn't :(


    'This' would be translated to cet or cette


    ^Karen^ your sentence is correct. Not sure why your answer was marked as incorrect. Have you reported it by any chance? I've seen in some comments, that people used that as a response & it's sometimes right/wrong. But, hopefully Duolingo marks it correct for everyone because according to these comments here, "How much does this(it) cost?" is correct. I reported this, so, hopefully DL does some arrangements soon. Well, bonne journée everyone! ☺♥


    Did you type "how much does THIS cost?" Or "how much does IT cost?" The second was counted as correct for me.


    I was marked correct for this 2021-03-17


    I face the same problem


    Strange. I wrote the same translation ans i got it correct.


    Mine was correct . My ans was How much does it cost


    Is accepted for me


    "Combien ca coute" = "How much does it cost"; "How much is it worth" = "Combien cela vaut-il".


    Thanks, there is a distinct difference between asking price (cost) and worth


    "How much is it?" is another valid translation.


    r you really a human being :O


    I agree. Report it.


    :0 how many languages are you doing :0



    That's what I put this time, and you're right, Duo accepted that answer. Merci


    I was given word tiles to translate, and the intended answer was "How much is it worth". Seriously, I don't think "how much does it cost?" and "how much is it worth?" are the same thing. A glass of water costs next to nothing but is infinitely valuable if you are thirsty. A collectable or luxury item might cost a fortune, but the actual worth could be quite debatable.


    @linguistkris, your next time through the word tile version leave off the word "worth", and just say, "How much is it ?" (Duo accepts that)


    @linguistkris, I fully agree with you. I'm hoping for Sitesurf's perspective on this word. fingers are crossed


    So far duolingo taught me 3 ways to say the same thing Combien ça coûte.., Combien ça coû.., and ça coûte combien. Please tell me what is the difference between the first two (coû and coûte). Is it a feminine masculine reason ?


    You must have misunderstood something because "coû" isn't a word; the closest equivalent is "cou", a noun that means "neck". Also, verbs are not gendered in French; only nouns and the adjectives modifying them are.


    Why is it not combien coute ca?


    Because French grammar isn't like English grammar. Don't ask me why exactly, I'm no teacher :P


    Is this more common than , "quel est le prix de..."?


    also had problems with "How much does that cost." if that is wrong, can someone provide a French translation with "that."


    This answer is correct as of June 22, 2014.


    "How much is it Worth." Is what Duo seems to be after these days, (9/2/19) I don't know why it's translated as "worth", rather than "cost"... I was hoping to find an explanation that would help me understand.


    This might be a very old question, but it's interesting nonetheless cause I could also use some clarification.

    I think when you want to ask about something far from you, you use "là", so you would use "Combien cela côute?". I think the literal translation would be "What does that over there cost", but the translation would be what you mean.


    Ça is short for cela. It means that or this.


    It's crazy to learn such a basic sentence at the very end of the tree !!!


    When i entered this for "how much does this cost?" earlier it said i was wrong and the correct anseer was "ca coute combien?". Help?


    Ca coute combien and combien ca coute are both valid


    is this the same meaning as "ca coute combien"? (excuse the lack of accents)


    I put "how much is this worth". How is it wrong?


    It isn't; report it.


    "How much is it worth" is a judgement on the value for money. "how much does it cost" is reading the price tag.



    Worth = subjective $ Cost = set $


    combien - how much ca - this coute - cost

    I understand combien ca coute and ca coute combien are both accepted

    why is it not "ce/cet/cette coute" or is these one of those phrases that only go with ca?

    and would the question, "how much do these cost" still be combien ca coute?


    So that whole bit seems like it should be simple but there are difficulties. One big step is to understand that the this/that distinction is mostly just ignored in French. We do have and use ceci/cela which should match (and unfortunately in my opinion Duolingo still tries to enforce the distinction) but in modern spoken language they have become exceedingly rare, it's all "ça" and variations based on grammar.

    so "ce" as in "ce/cette/cet" is not a candidate as those are determiners: they only come as part of a noun phrase, like "the" in English. Ce collier, cette chemise. They mean "this necklace, this shirt", or, indiscriminately "that necklace, that shirt"

    in "this costs" the word "this" is not a determiner but a pronoun - it takes the spot of a noun phrase rather than is a part of one, like "him" in English. "ce" can be a pronoun (but not "cet" and not "cette") however it is mostly used when paired with the verb "être." "C'est combien?" "ce sera 3euros" are sentences you'd hear a lot in a market, but "Combien ce coûte?" won't fly.

    You can take a read here for more examples and very possibly a more digestible set of explanations.


    Thank you! Could you write the whole url to the link, nothing happens when i click the link you posted, and I'm curious :)


    How come the other question was "combien coute la bierre" and this one is "combien ça coute?"


    How much is this worth? ... I wrote this and it was marked as wrong. Is it wrong or not?

    [deactivated user]

      What something costs is not necessarily the same as what it is worth. "How much is it worth?" = "Combien ça vaut ?" or "Comment est-ce que ça vaut ?" "Combien ça coûte ?" = "How much does it cost?"


      I answered"how much is this worth" but the correct answer is "how much is IT worth". I think they mean the same thing


      Shouldn't "how much is this worth?" be correct also?


      Bad translation. It should be how much does it cost?


      Worth has a totally different meaning to cost. I am not sure why Duo is using it as an option. You don't ask in a shop how much a dress is worth. You ask how much it is, or what is the price. worth is similar to value and is not the same as cost.

      [deactivated user]

        Can someone explain when and how to use ça and ce?


        "Ça coûte combien?" and "Combien ça coûte ?" Has a same meaning?


        Oui, c’est la même signification, mais la seconde est plus directe.


        how much is the cost is still not accepted, someone please explain


        What is the cost might be acceptable but how much is the cost doesn't make sense


        Why.....How much this costs... is not acceptable?


        You'd need to have a "does" in there, and change "costs" to "cost": How much does this cost?


        "Combien ça coûte ?" and C'est combien ??? DO french people prefer one over the other??


        I believe combien ca coute is a bit more polite, but I don't think it makes much of a difference, perhaps a native could tell us? :)


        Combien ça coûte? My answer is " how much does this cost" why did I got as wrong?


        "How much does this cost?" is an accepted translation. You must've either made a typo or run into a bug.


        The grading in this section seems inconsistent snd arbitrary.


        I wrote "How much this cost?" Seems like a literal direct translation, how am I supposed to know coûte means worth instead of cost? Am I wrong?


        If you reproduced your answer correctly, "How much this cost?", the error is caused by leaving out "does" which does make it ungrammatical English.


        One of the question in English to French was "How much does this cost?" and the answer in French "Combien ca coute ?" was well accepted but not vice versa. Doulingo's one way traffic ?


        again I see worth presented as an alternative yet I am marked wrong when I use it


        Why is "how much is it worth" correct but "how much is this worth" wrong? Can't ça also mean this?

        [deactivated user]

          "How much is this worth" was not accepted, despite being what the hints suggested.


          How much does this cost.


          ' How much is it ' works!!! But ' how much is the cost ' does not, its a little unnatural, thats probably why.


          Shouldn't be marked wrong. Mine was the exact same answer. Now I must think of the wrong answer to move forward.


          Right answer ❗


          The man that speaks French has an accent. From where-l don't recognize. He stresses the last word at times in which the woman does not. It is confusing.


          Now it's a listening exercise. I don't know what I was thinking but I answered incorrectly "Combien sa coûte ?" instead of "Combien ça coûte ?" Aside from that, how does one differentiate between sa and ça when listening?


          How much is the cost is the same thing isn't it?


          Please translate literally: ca coute combien and combien ca coute. I want to know the word orders. Thanks


          I wrote: "How much this costs?" why would this be wrong? Than you.


          It's grammatically incorrect in English


          We can both say it like "combien ça coûte" and "ça coûte combien" Well, can we say "combien coûte ça"?


          No, that doesn't work. Three ways to turn an assertion (eg Il prend son pied - lit. He takes his foot, but it's a slangy idiom for He is having a great time) into a question:

          • slap a question mark at the end (and adjust tone to a question if spoken) : Il prend son pied ?

          • Also add "est-ce que" up front : Est-ce qu'il prend son pied ?

          • Subject verb inversion: Prend-il son pied?

          You first two sentences are number 1 and 3 from this list, so that's why they work


          why "how much it costs?" isn't an acceptable answer can someone explain?


          Did you get an answer?
          If not, in English when we construct a question we use auxilliary verbs with the basic verb so, in the present simple tense, if the answer is "It costs . . ." the question would be: "How much does it cost?" clearly with 'does' as the auxilliary. Another example: 'I run 10km a day' is an answer to the question 'How far do you run every day?' Note the 'do' as the auxilliary verb. I hope that helps but if not, take a look at this https://www.fluentu.com/blog/english/asking-questions-in-english/


          why " how much it costs?" isn't an acceptable answer can someone explain please?


          I thought ça was- that


          Why does CA mean IT? isn't it ce/cet/cette?


          I said -''how much does it costs'' and it was marked wrong, please explain why?


          Why is 'how much it costs' wrong ,when 'how much does it cost" is acceptable ?


          Please look at my answer to filledelanuit's question above.

          Or just read through this!
          If not, in English when we construct a question we use auxilliary verbs with the basic verb so, in the present simple tense, if the answer is "It costs . . ." the question would be: "How much does it cost?" clearly with 'does' as the auxilliary. Another example: 'I run 10km a day' is an answer to the question 'How far do you run every day?' Note the 'do' as the auxilliary verb. I hope that helps but if not, take a look at this https://www.fluentu.com/blog/english/asking-questions-in-english/


          Before I can speak, when I click on it, it is marked wrong


          Ca = this ...in the hints they report this translation... then it is rejected!


          My answer is corect and yet it declined it.....


          You say tomatoes and I say tomatoes


          I wrote 'how much does this cost' and it shows incorrect :/

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