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Hi, I just lost my 60 day streak cause I had a busy day and surprisingly my app didn't give me any reminder notifications even though it usually does that. I'm afraid I'm going to lose motivation to continue practising every day cause the fun is gone if there's no streak to maintain.

Could someone please set it back to 60? I'd really appreciate it.

April 18, 2015


That unfortunately happened to me to. I did also loose my motivation but once you get to 20-30 your like "Yeah, I can do this" just try to do almost/ or a new skill everyday.
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That's ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤, I saved up 316 lingots just so I could buy streak freezes in case I ever needed them. And now I can't even use any of my lingots to fix this ❤❤❤❤? Plus I don't need to do new skills, I already completed the tree after 40 days.

This means every time I'll have practised for another 10 days, I'll get 6 lingots less than I would normally get. That's 6 times x/10, x being the amount of days I'm still going to use DuoLingo. Not to mention the loss of reputation cause now everyone will think I'm a noob who starts something but doesn't finish it. If I don't get my streak back I want atleast 500 lingots to make it up.

I understand that you are annoyed by this, but don't give up! You should see this has a motivation to do more Duolingo a day and leave reminders. Also please do not use this language this is a learning website that has people from all over the world, and some are very sensitive. Unfortunately this is not a bug so Duolingo will not give you any reward just get those "60" days back and motivate your self to do more immersion and do more than your daily goal.

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Wait a second, if you had so many lingots, why did you not have a streak freeze enabled?
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It's not at all a motivation, plus I also noticed on my app I now only get like 5 XP per level, whereas I used to get 10 XP atleast, what's that all about?

At first I liked Duolingo but disappointments keep stacking up lately.

I didn't buy a streak freeze cause I didn't plan on skipping a day. If I know I won't make it, then I buy one. Isn't that how it's supposed to be used? Are you saying that when you buy one it doesn't automatically get activated for that day but only gets activated when you skip a day?

A streak freeze is like an insurance. What you said is like saying: 'I didn't plan on dying an untimely death'. Yes, you have to buy it before a skipped day ends, i.e., I think you can buy it on the day you plan to skip.

The XP you get from the normal strengthening is now lesser, but there is also the Timed Practice option that gives you a chance of earning upto 20XP in a go. So in all it isn't bad.
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So what would happen if I buy a streak, but that day I get my required XP anyway?

And actually I'm thinking of quitting Duolingo now. A 60 day streak going to waste is too much. I associate Duolingo with negativity now.

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