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"Ben meyveyi ve yumurtayı yerim."

Translation:I eat the fruit and the egg.

April 18, 2015



I am confused about the use of plurals. It has been discussed elsewhere that nouns can be singular or plura (without the ler/lar ending). Ben kitap okurim can be I read a book, or I read books. Why then can yumurtayi in this sentence not be the eggs?


That's only true when they are not specific/definite objects.

"the" makes things definite, that's why we might use accusative case for it depending on the verb, and there is accusative for both singular and plural objects.Read this.


In English, each of these nouns could be either a singular count noun or a mass noun. What are the possibilities in Turkish?


Turkish doesn't really have those concepts :) There are no (un)countable nouns or mass nouns. You can say "sular" even in some contexts :)


Meyvey- i vs. Yumurtay-ı !! When will I use the ending -i and in which case -ı ??


I have learned that one fruit is meyva and fruits are meyve. Why is my translation (I eat the fruits and the egg) wrong?


Can I ask a a question


I cant hear the voice most of the time .

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