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Immersion: Spanish Tier 2 Translation Reviews Seem Stalled

Each day I try to translate 5-10 sentences from Spanish to English. I also to try review other users translations. It's a part of the process that I have grown to really enjoy and I understand that it helps support the Duolingo project.

My first translation attempts were reviewed pretty fast and, after about a week I was moved to Tier 2. However, since moving up to Tier 2, it seems like none of my translations are being reviewed. I have not garnered a single up or down vote in what seems like weeks. Am I submitting my translations to the wrong place? I've been trying to work on popular articles and the articles that Duolingo presents to me as I progress through the tree. Just curious why my translation progress bar has not moved in a long time.

April 18, 2015



It's not being submitted in the sense that every translation gets looked at. It's probably a coincidence. Some of it may be looked at much later or never. I have done way more translations than I have up or down votes. I'd say 10% of my translations at most have been looked at.


Ah....that makes sense. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.


Another thing is that you can only receive votes from those on the same tier as you or higher, so now that you're tier 2 you will no longer receive upvotes from people on tier 1.

The articles recommended by Duo after lessons are usually fairly old, and less likely to be proofread by higher tier translators, the most recent articles under the Immersion tab are a better bet. :)


Also, other people are more likely to look at your sentences, if you're working on a short article or (say) the top third of a long one. If you go through the entire thing, you may not get much response to your translations after a certain point.


I see. Thank you. All of these tips from experienced users like yourself have been great. After following these recommendations my translation bar, which had not moved in over 2 weeks, received 18 translation reviews this afternoon. Very cool. I certainly have a better understanding of the immersion process now. Cheers.


I'd call my comment an "observation," rather than a "recommendation," as I actually think it's preferable to work through an entire article.

Another option is to find one or more other people to work with on the same article. You can check each other's work, end up with a fuller and more in-depth translation and (incidentally) up-vote each other, when appropriate.

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