"They are buying both of the houses."

Translation:Onlar evlerin ikisini de alıyor.

April 18, 2015



Can you use 'ikisini de' with pronouns? Like : I want to see you both. - Senin ikisini de görmek istiyorum. or: Thank you to both of you. - Senin ikisini de teşekkür ederim. ? (or would the latter require some Dativ - in German it would- ? or maybe Ablatif like in nefret ediyorum? Senin ikisiden teşekkür ederim. ?)

April 18, 2015


yes you can also say 'Onlar ikisini de alıyor.' instead of 'Onlar evlerin ikisini de alıyor.'

but your examples are not correct. you should be careful about personal endings and cases.

ikimiz -> we both
ikiniz -> you both
ikisi -> they both

I want to see you both. - (Sizin) ikinizi de görmek istiyorum.
Thank you to both of you. - (Sizin) ikinize de teşekkür ederim.

both of the houses - evlerin ikisi de
both (of them) - (onların) ikisi de


Thank you. That was clear. I very much appreciate your help.


Why is it 'evlerin ikisini de' not 'evlerin ikisi de'?


evlerin ikisi - both of the houses (possessive -in / possessed -(s)i ) if they buy the houses the houses turn into an accusative object - that is why you need to add -ni


Because in this sentence"both of the houses" is in accusative condition if it was in subject condition it would be "evlerin ikisi de".


Can you use different levels of ikisini? Like, if you want to say, They are buying all three of the houses, could you say, Onlar evlerin üçünü de alıyor?


:Onlar her iki evi aliyorlar"nasil tercume olur?


Why is it not alıyorlar? Is it because onlar is there? If Onlar wasn't used would it be alıyorlar?


hi :) from my understanding it is because they are buying the houses together. if both onlar & alıyorlar are used it would be as if they are individually buying both.

but if Onlar is omitted, than alıyorlar is required.


Onlar evlerin ikisini de satin aldilar neden yanlis


that means they are selling the houses.


Is "ler" in evlerin mandatory in this sentence ? Is "evin ikisini de alıyorlar" possible ?


i think it is, to get that agreement. or else it's seeming to say they will buy both of the (one) house.

bunu doğru olabilir ama dostum :) ben de türkçe öğreniyorum hala


I don't understand why it's onlarin and not onlar


I mean onlar and not onlarin

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