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  5. "Den næste kaffe er din."

"Den næste kaffe er din."

Translation:The next coffee is yours.

April 18, 2015



It seems like "æ" can be pronounced a lot of different ways. Are there any rules as to how the letter is pronounced in any given situation, or is it all memory work?

[deactivated user]

    This video describes the pronunciation of æ.

    Summary in English

    Æ/æ always has the same basic sound. That sound, though, can be short (kort), long (lang) or with stød.^1 ^2 He gives examples of all three.

    Under OBS he compares the sound of æ to those of e and a to help you make the distinction between them.

    Lastly, æ in combination with an r often comes to resemble the sound of ah.

    ^1 Wikipedia article on stød

    ^2 Video about stød from the same guy


    Why isn't it "næste kaffen er din"?


    Why isnt it jeres instead of din?

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