"Anatra arrosto"

Translation:Grilled duck

December 21, 2012



shouldn't "roast duck" be a plausible translation too?

December 21, 2012


Yes, this should Roast duck which is a more common usage. Also, Grilled duck would be Anatra grigliata wouldn't it?

December 26, 2012


Agreed. Grilled duck is a different thing than roast duck anyway. They shouldn't be interchangeable.

January 6, 2013


"Roast duck" should be an acceptable answer.

December 29, 2012


Agreed that "roast duck" should be acceptable.

December 31, 2012


I think "roast duck" should work also.

January 1, 2013


I agree, except I would go even further. "Roast duck" is far more correct than "roasted duck". In English, one would never refer to it as "roasted duck". It is called "roast duck". On a menu, you would no more see the words "roasted duck" than you would see "roasted beef" or "roasted pork". That just isn't what it's called.

January 5, 2013


It accepts roast duck now, but not duck roast. Is there a reason why "duck roast" would be incorrect as a translation?

February 22, 2013


In "roast duck", roast is the adjective, duck the noun. You're describing the kind of duck it is. "Duck roast" is the opposite - roast is your noun, and duck is the adjective - you're describing the kind of roast it is. In "anatra arrosto", arrosto is an adjective, and anatra is a noun. Hence, roast duck but not duck roast. :)

March 30, 2013


"Roast" está indicando uma qualidade; funciona como adjetivo e, portanto, deve preceder o nome "duck". É a regra na língua inglesa.

March 24, 2013


Yay! "Roast duck" was accepted!

March 19, 2013


Roast duck is a better translation than roasted duck.

January 6, 2013


Agreed, an English-speaking person would say 'roast duck'

January 7, 2013


My "Roasted Duck" was accepted

January 21, 2013


I've never heard it called 'duck roast', only 'roast duck'. One doesn't say 'chicken roast' either; it's always 'roast chicken'. On the other hand, I have heard 'pork roast', as in "We're having a pork roast for dinner." However, "We're having roast pork" is also correct. For people for whom English is not their first langauge, it is confusing. I think if you always put the word 'roast' before the name of the meat, you'll be safe. Any exceptions anyone can think of? :)

February 22, 2013


Hog roast!

February 22, 2013


Also - nothing to do with the mode of cooking, plus I'm veggie anyway -, she says "arrosto", doesn't she? Surely it should be "arrosta"?

April 30, 2013
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