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"The Ireland team."

Translation:Foireann na hÉireann.

April 18, 2015



Shouldn't this be 'The Irish team"?


Its literal translation is “The team of Ireland”. “The Irish team” would probably be preferred in North American English over “The Ireland team”, but I’ve heard “the country team” used as well as “the nationality team” for sporting news on BBC World Service broadcasts. Is one form preferred over the other in Irish English?


'the Ireland team' sounds very unnatural to me at least. I don't think an Irish person would use the phrase and I'm also surprised you heard it on the BBC. But I don't watch much sport it has to be said.


"The Ireland team" (and similar phrases, eg "the England team", for other British national teams) sounds quite acceptable to me.

In fact, I have reported, in two exercises featuring "foireann na hÉireann", that "the Ireland team" should be accepted and, in one of the two, it now is (the other one, I submitted today).

In arguing for its validity, I quoted examples from reputable sites on the Internet, including the BBC.

A Google search for "the Ireland team" (in quotes) reported 107,000 results, including some from Irish sites. ("the England team" reported over half a million results.)


Is dócha go bhfuil an ceart agat. It just sounded wrong in my head at the time.


You will hear references to "Team Ireland" or "Team France" etc, in some circumstances (it often connotes the supporters as well as the players as working together, but it is also used in the narrower sense of the players on the pitch).


Yes, notably "Team USA" for their basketball national team.

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