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  5. "I try it every morning."

"I try it every morning."

Translation:Triailim é gach maidin.

April 18, 2015



Why can't you use "sé" here instead of "é"?


é is the object form, the subject.


Bainim triail as anyone ?


'Bainim triail as' is what I was taught.


I put "Triailim gach maidin é" to see if it would be accepted. It wasn't. Why is that wrong?


I think that should be accepted as correct


I'd need a more professional opinion to back me up but to me that sounds like bad syntax. One does not say "I it try every morning" or "I every morning try it" in English. That's simply improper syntax.


Do most Irish people use "triailim" for "I try"? I was always thought to use déanaim iarracht?


"most Irish people" isn't really a useful metric when it comes to the Irish language, which is really a mixture of dialects. The people who say triailim say triailim, and the people who say déanaim iarracht say déanaim iarracht, and as people expand their exposure to the language, they will encounter both constructs, and at least understand both constructs, even if they tend to stick to using one or the other in their own speech and writing, or even picking which one to use depending on context.

The NEID entry for "try" offers both iarracht a dhéanamh and triail, with examples of both usages.


does chuile not mean every? too

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