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Streak Freeze question

Hi all, I'm excited, I just realised that I now have a store and my very first Lingots! While I am not planning to go one day without Duolingo any time soon (because I'm quite addicted to it) I was wondering about getting as"streak freeze" from the store. The idea would be that if for whatever reason (apocalypse, work overload, power out and internet collapse in the entire city, 24h sleeping session...) I absolutely cannot get on to Duolingo on a specific day, my streak would be saved. I would have it as a kind of back up in case something unexpected happens. Now, my QUESTIONS are:

1) Can I buy a streak freeze now and not use it for a long time? 2) Does the streak freeze get automatically activated in case I am not active for 24 hours, or do I need to "apply" it somehow?

Thanks for your help! Franka

September 13, 2013



Just equip the streak freeze and leave it. If you miss a day your streak will be saved automatically!

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Awesome!Thank you!


I was wondering about that and in addition:

  1. Do I need only one streak freeze for all of my languages?
  2. If I practice one language but not another, will it get used? And will it only freeze those I don't practice?
  3. Can we use it on consecutive days?
  4. Does it interact with the wager? If so, how? Does it mean we need 1 more day to win the wager?

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all good questions! I would like to know the answers to these too!

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