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"Máxima is de koningin van Nederland."

Translation:Máxima is the queen of the Netherlands.

April 18, 2015



How good is her Dutch?


Very good. She got engaged with Willem-Alexander in 2001, but I think even back then, when she had her first official appearances, her Dutch already was fine.


Maximá means "carming" in hebrew :P


Fittingly it means "Greatest/Best Woman" in Latin


Question: How should I distinguish use of der/van? I have a Dutch coin that says "koningin der Nederland", but this says "koningin van Nederland". Are they interchangeable?


That will probably be "koning(in) der Nederlanden". Der is a bit of an old fashioned word that means "van de". As such it is not used very often apart from coins and very formal things. Therefore I would not try to use "der" but simply stick to "van de" if needed.


So is the last name 'van der wel' redundant since van is already implied by 'der'?


Good question. But the name is not really redundant, being that it is a name. "der Nederlanden" is a genitive form, whereas "van der" can also mean "from the". Many Dutch names have "van der" in them. One wouldn't change a name merely because the form is archaic. You might wish to consult https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_(Dutch)


That is a hot name.


She's actually from Argentina, I don't think Máxima is very common in the Netherlands.

Though I'd bet there's plenty of Dutch children 12 and under with the name.

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