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Timed Practice on Lingot Store

What is the timed practice option on the Lingot store because when I got it (about 5 mins ago lol) it was already equipped? Thanks!

September 13, 2013



@Duo : Does this mean that in some time we will have to pay lingots to have the time practice?


That's what I was wondering... I hope not.


No, it means new users have to buy it. Once you have it you keep it forever.


Thanks for the answer.


Will timed practice be making an appearance on the mobile apps?


I'd pay the "big lingots" to get rid of timed practice. It is not something I want. It is nothing but frustrating (for me) and more of a typing skills test than anything else. I especially don't like how I need a second mouse click to get to the regular practice; I'd rather get straight to it.


You don't have to use it...


Is your display different from mine? When I pull up "lesson practice" I get two buttons to choose from: "practice without a timer" and "timed practice." ( I also prefer the first - my typing skills are not up to the challenge!)


"Old" users have it by default. New users have to "buy" it. But I'm not very fond of it either. Oops, I just called you 'old', sorry! I mean "users who started using duolingo some time ago". :)


That's two cruel metaphors about the world we live in. ( <-- Joke. Intended to be humorous. ;-)


So the young must buy time, while the old have all the time they want. Does that seem right to you? ;-)


@Soglio: No. The new have to buy the access to "time practice", but they don't have to buy time, it's 30 seconds for everyone.


Mine is like yours. Before they introduced timed practice, quite a while ago now, you could click on the equivalent of "Lesson Practice" on the home page and start right in. The currently required second click on "Practice Without a Timer" is what annoys me. If both buttons were move up to the home page, Duolingo could save millions of clicks a day and keep oh how many mice from needlessly filling countless landfills across this already crowded world we share.


I'm an old user so, I'm grandfathered in, but just out of curiosity, what does buying timed practices cost for new users?


I'm wondering the same thing.

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