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  5. "Hvor stor er befolkningen?"

"Hvor stor er befolkningen?"

Translation:How big is the population?

April 18, 2015



Do they literally say "Where big" or is the word "Hvor" serving many functions in the Danish language? I kept remembering the meaning using the German "wo" but now I'm confused.

[deactivated user]

    hvor has several meanings.

    1. As an asking adverb of place. Where

    2. As an adverb of degree. Used askingly, admittingly or in other ways about size, number, degree, extent etc.

    3. As an introduction to a relative clause. on which place; in which case

    Here are the definitions with examples.


    thanks for the info! It's much appreciated!


    I was wondering the same thing, and that's exactly how I remember what hvor means too! I'm having a lot of trouble with the question words.


    Befolkningen is really quite close to Bevölkerung in German! Is it quite common for higher order words to have High German etymologies in Danish?


    About 50-60 % of the danish vocabulary originally came from low german in the middle ages. But sometimes the spelling have changed so much that you would not recognize it and sometimes the meaning has changed- "ansicht"-wiew/opinion versus "ansigt"- face.


    there is also the german word "Angesicht" which is used for face sometimes, as in "von Angesicht zu Angesicht" = face to face


    Help please. Why is is the "en" silent in "befolkningen" when spoken ? Is the "en" for the article "the" simply assumed in danish speach and therefore not stated or is the speach on the recording excluding it in error?

    [deactivated user]

      How big is the population? That is not a good sentence in English. Because it is unclear if it means what is the population? (i.e How many?) or How big or tall is the population.

      The usual way to ask the question is what's the population?.


      I disagree. That's like saying 'what's the population' is ambiguous because it could mean population or e.g. make-up. 60 million, 50% ethnic or human would all be valid responses. I think if you asked 'how big is the population' the overwhelming response would be a number and not a height

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