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What do you guys think?

So I've been using Duolingo for quite a while now to strengthen my French. With this, I am VERY far ahead of everyone in my French class :D Thanks! But, the thing is, with a language there is also a listening part to it. Whenever someone talks French, I can't understand anything, but I can read a lot of it. Now, I think that I should watch French movies with French subtitles. I don't know anyone who speaks French so I can't really practice talking to anyone. Will listening to French (or any language) and reading the subtitles in the language help to develop listening? Or is there something else I can do?

September 13, 2013



Yes watching movies in French will definitely help even if you have English subtitles (or whatever language you speak) just as long as you are listening to the French. Also, if you have an iDevice eg ipad etc. and you have the Podcast app (it's free to download) there are some great podcasts which can help you. You can probably get these podcasts online too, I just don't know where. One of my particular favourites is 'News in Slow French' which discusses world news (and occasionally some grammar) in French. However, the presenters speak slowly which means its great for picking up words easily! I hope this helps! :)


http://www.newsinslowfrench.com/ Thank you SOOO much for recommending this!!! :D


You're very welcome! I was so happy when I found it on the Podcasts app! It's really good and they release episodes fairly regularly. Thank you for the web link. It even has the script which is brilliant!


That is so helpful. Thank you.


I would recommend to quickly pass from "french audio+english subtitles" to "french audio+french subtitles". Maybe starting with movies you already saw in english (or mother tongue) to understand a little more.

Otherwise (at least it was my case) you'll naturally concentrate on the english subtitles and miss to really try to understand the pronunciation. Furthermore it'll associate in your memory the written word with the sound.

It could be a little hard at the beginning - you can, if you really didn't get anything for like 5-10min and feel lost with the story, come back and see this 5-10 las min. with english subtitles then back to french subtitles - but you'll progress fast. Maybe the better is to watch a series, because you'll be used to the pronunciation of the actor, the vocabulary of the series etc... so easier.

NB : change "french" everywhere in the text above with the language you're learning. ;)

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