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Should be a way to encourage more people to do the translation work, so that Duolingo's model can be more successful...

I was curious when I found out that Duolingo was free.

I was delighted when I discovered that free Duolingo is a superb and professional learning tool.

I was floored when I realized that there is another way for me to be grateful for this amazing resource.

So far I have tried to show my gratitude by preaching the gospel of Duolingo to anyone I think has any interest in learning languages (and anyone who needs to kick their brain into gear with a good challenge).

Then I found http://www.duolingo.com/info and realized that I can actually help Duolingo financially while learning. Fantastic!

I did a search of discussions and found two other appreciative topics: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/186774 and http://www.duolingo.com/comment/711728.

But I think the Immersion tab should be more than an option. I hope once a student reaches a certain proficiency level that Duolingo prompts them to try out the tab. But I really think that texts that need to be translated should somehow be incorporated into the language-learning path. That way, people are going to go there.

I have not used the Immersion tab yet -- I have enjoyed the regular learning tools a great deal, and I did not feel any particular need to try my hand at the texts.

Before I do use them, I would like a tutorial, a Prezi, or maybe just a recorded screensession where I can watch and listen to a Duolingo veteran walk me through the process. (I read http://www.duolingo.com/comment/302767 but would like more of an introduction than that.) My hope is that a tutorial would both make me more comfortable with the Immersion tab and overcome any reluctance to participate actively there.

And just maybe bring more and more people to the Immersion tab, so that Prezi can grow and grow. (And eventually afford a Duolingo Fushaa Arabic course.)

September 13, 2013



Well, searching Youtube for Duolingo was more productive than searching for "Duolingo Immersion." I really hope one of the expert users takes 5-10 minutes and records their screen while they use the Immersion tab and showcase their tips. A voiceover would be good, too, or a narration while they use the site -- much easier.

For now, I'm going to check out the Tedx Talk. Find it here: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=duolingo&oq=duolingo


One advice : try the Immersion section (once you finish your french tree maybe)!
It's quite well-done and you'll probably find it intuitive. Just one thing : when translating, when a sentence is already translated, check if there are no comments about the sentence's translation. People may have explain their choices of translation and before changing it read it and if you disagree no problem to change, juste explain your choice and why the older is worst according to you.

To see comments:

  • in the "Original" view, click on the sentence then click on All [X] versions.
  • in the "Translation" view, hover above the sentence in the right panel then click on Show more.

Since you can't write a comment from the "translation" view, I strongly recommend to use the "Original" view.


Thanks! It's very kind of you to give tips, and I welcome them. But a tutorial, or even a walk-through recording would be good. I'm going to search youtube to see if anyone uploaded one there.


"(once you finish your french tree maybe)" Is that the level at which working on Immersion makes the most sense for the learner? Really curious.


Wow. Just watched http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQl6jUjFjp4 Again, wow. What a wonderful, intelligent, and profitable idea. The good kind of profit, where neither side is unhappy, and as importantly, neither side has a reason to be unhappy. I've gotta tell you, as a Muslim, your fair business model makes me think of this ayat from the Quran: http://quran.com/4/29

Wish you could convert (no pun intended) more American capitalists into businesspeople like you who enjoy creating wealth for others as much as your business model shows you do.

I can imagine that at some time you may have users who have become experts in a language who want to be paid for their time on the site. But depending on how many users you have, you really would not need to do that for Immersion to continue to benefit both sides. And like mature birds, those experts who may have started out as eggs in a foreign language, really just need to find their own provision elsewhere.

Well, it was not a tutorial, but at least now I won't feel like I am breaking anything when I make mistakes in Immersion. You're probably profiting from the mistakes, too.

Lastly, I know why you should move Fushaa Arabic up the list of languages to add to duolingo -- look into the reliability of OCR for Arabic. Combine Re-Captcha with Duolingo and Arabic OCR could become a solved problem, while you make translation of web content easier, too. One last time, please: Wow. (And Fushaa is the unadulterated Arabic from which every regional dialect derives, so a logical base language.)


You're probably profiting from the mistakes, too., yes. Just do not forget to check the comments and comments your change as much as possible evenmore if you undo/change a commented previous translation.

For the language, they'll not add (themselves) any language. But are working on a way to let users add new language. they announced something big for 9th October (http://www.duolingo.com/comment/782462), it could be this.


RE: Your second para: Wow, gracias, merci, danke, and obrogado (just guessing at the Portuguese). Shukran jiddan(Arabic). I have written separately to Duolingo about what I could do to mobilize people to work on Arabic for Duolingo, so that would be a big wish come true.

RE: Your first para: Umm. Did you leave out a "not"? "Just do not forget..."? Honestly, you have great advice. Would be awesome if you just recorded a few minutes of you using the Immersion tab while recording your tips. Think about it. Bet it would be easy, fun, and open up for you more opportunities to share all that knowledge.



Jejejej, yes I forgot a not (damn it! :)). Corrected, thanks.


You know I am glad that I am comfortable on-line in most every environment. But I have never liked editing wikis. Using wikis, not so bad. But the whole editing and commenting? Many times I have taken a few steps down that path and then just decided it was not for me.

Perhaps another reason for me to want a video: should quickly dispel my hesitancy(ies)/road-blocks.


So I tried my hand at immersion, here: http://www.duolingo.com/translation/fd48a769257d42f969fdbaee82ff1d27

Just did a little, though, because I did not see any way to comment or leave explanations.


When you're the first one to translate, no way to leave any commente/explanation...

If you're editing an existing translation, then you can.
1/ To see the existing comments (if any) and the translation history, just click on the sentence you want to translate: something like this (http://imgur.com/8LEZOkY,bQEpy8J,4iAo1CG#1) will appear. Then Click on All [X] versions at the bottom of what appeared, it will expand the comment like this (http://imgur.com/8LEZOkY,bQEpy8J,4iAo1CG#0).
2/ To add a comment with your translation - you can't add any comment without editing the translation - just click on the Edit button. It's independent of having expanded or not the history.

NB : For 2/, you have to be in ORIGINAL view, not translation view : http://imgur.com/8LEZOkY,bQEpy8J,4iAo1CG#2.


Thanks! You mentioned it before, too, here: "Since you can't write a comment from the "translation" view, I strongly recommend to use the 'Original' view."

But I did need the reminder apparently because that's probably why I could not see the option to comment. Will let you know if it does not work for me.

Did you think my translations were okay/better than the one I changed? Wondering in case I should level-up more before doing more.

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