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Suggestions relating acquisition of latin & Germanic languages for someone who has good English knowledge!

I just would like to know what would you suggest when learning languages linguistically categorized as Germanic & Latin for someone who has English language knowledge. Please do give tips & elaborate precisely in your own words how to go a bout learning these related Indo-European categorized languages. I am intentionally not specifying any language but I guess German/ Deutsch & Spanish/ Espanol could be taken as examples. Even if you are not an advance level in these two languages still I would like to know what you would suggest through your personal experience. I believe your suggestions would help me out in my venture so do me a favor & take some time out for this post I shall be obliged.

September 13, 2013

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I am learning French on Duolingo and German (as well as Latin). I find that I have a breaking point where my brain can't take any more! When this happens to me I find it helpful to revise everything I have done again and again and this seems to help. I work slowly, a little bit at a time and find I make fairly good progress!

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