"Risk çok büyük."

Translation:The risk is too big.

April 19, 2015

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Shouldn't it be "Risk fazla büyük" to say the risk is too big/excessive/great, etc? I would think "Risk çok büyük" would be " the risk is very big/large/great."


This isn't the first time çok has been translated "too" on Duo, and I encountered this in Turkey too. It seems the rule is if çok can mean "too," it does mean "too."

(E.g., "You are too beautiful" normally wouldn't make sense, but "It is too expensive" would)


I'm pleased to note that the translation

The risk is very high.

is also accepted.

A lot of the exercises at this level haven't been implemented very thoroughly so I think it's nice they caught that alternative.


Why not 'so big'?


"Risk çok büyük." Translation: The risk is too big.

Risk insurance - "nothing moves without it."


How would I say 'its too risky' in Turkish?



"Risk çok büyük." Translation: The risk is too big.

How would I say 'its too risky' in Turkish?

O çok tehlikeli. - That is very dangerous.

Çok risklidir - It is very risky.

O fazla risklidir - It’s too risky.

May not be 100% accurate.


Are there really so many loanwords in everyday turkish? I'd be surprised if theres not a native word for "risk"

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