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I want wider Goal settings at Duolingo

I have found that "coach"/daily goal 50xp motivates me a lot to study a new language here everyday. But sometimes the problem is that I only study that 50xp which is my daily goal. I think that if I could put my daily goal for example 70xp or 100xp here I would benefit very much.

Can this thing be changed in Duolingo? Could wider daily goals be added there?

I would be very thankful for these changes. I think that I won't be the only one who would be more motivated and learn faster with this little addition to Duolingo.

April 19, 2015



Well you could lose your streak if you don't meet your goal. You could write down a goal for yourself and match it. You also can use a userscript called Custom XP Goal:


How can I put Custom XP goal?


Go to the link that I posted above and look for the Custom XP Goal userscript. Read the instructions on the userscript page.


I don't find it there.. :(

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