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Way too many lessons up for review

For the next week or so, I've been flooded with about 6 lessons for review every day - a much higher volume than the usual 2-3. This is not the same problem reported elsewhere (a bug where Possessives 2 is always up for review), although many of the lessons seem to need reviewing way too often (every 2-3 days, for lessons I've originally completed months ago).

As reported before, this is really frustrating as I'm 3 units away from finishing my tree but just can't find enough time to fight through the reviews and move forward.

Is this a known bug? New content being added? Does anyone know what's going on?

P.S.: this is not the "new tree" that was introduced a few weeks ago. I've completed (and ranted about!) that already.

April 19, 2015



You do know you can move forward without reviewing? Granted, you may not want to, but if you're only three units away from finishing the tree, it might make sense to go ahead and finish it (while maybe doing a modest amount of review while you proceed).


I might have to do that eventually, if things don't change... but it's a matter of pride, really. I've moved through the entire tree not leaving anything awaiting review. It would be a pity to give that up so close to the end!

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