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French Possessives 2 doesn't strengthen!

French Possessives 2 doesn't strengthen on the website. Every time I finish the skill I get this window. Also the app doesn't strengthen some skills. evenwerk.com/duo.png

April 19, 2015



We are aware of this issue and are planning to fix it.


Ok great news! Keep up the good work. While I'm at it, can the iPad app get a more iPad friendly design? :D Duolingo 3 had a better layout than 4.


It's a bug. Just redo one of the lessons (not using the Strengthen-Button) and you will be fine.

Btw, you need to upload pictures to an image hoster in order to link them here, we can't see the content of your local harddrive. For example here.


I strengthened them inside the skill strengthen. I have done possessives multiple times but it just doesn't want to strengthen. http://evenwerk.com/duo.png Also the strengthen button on mobile doesn't strengthen any skills last week.

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