"L'uomo mangia il pollo fritto."

December 21, 2012


Shouldn't this be "the man eats the fried chicken"?

December 21, 2012

I asked the same question in another example. I got feedback from Duolingo developers saying their intention is to show that in Italian, the definite article is used more often and doesn't always have the same "weight" as in English. So you could translate the sentence without the definite article.

December 28, 2012

Yes that is also correct.

July 25, 2013

i thought this was the man eats the chicken fried

April 24, 2013

you can think Chiken of Fried if it help you. Lord of the Ring is the Rings Lord. I hope it help :)

August 9, 2013

it says in the dictionare hints it can be tracelated as deep fried chicken

January 31, 2013
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