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Audio/sound not working unless press replay

Hi all,

My problem is that audio does not work, unless I press replay. Obviously this is still workable, but means I can't really do timed practice and duolingo feels a lot less smooth and enjoyable, with no positive feedback noises with a correct answer (and is therefore less engaging).

I am using chrome, this is a duolingo specific problem, and I can't change browsers. Anyone else experienced this?


April 19, 2015



Check your settings to see if those sounds are turned off. I've turned mine off deliberately, but yours may have somehow been turned off accidentally.


Which settings? My headphones work but DL's speaker icon, when clicked on, provides no sound whatsoever. Frustrating, since now I'm a couple of days behind on strengthening/practicing French, Spanish and Portuguese.


No matter what your settings are you should get audio when you click on the icon. The settings only affect whether recordings play automatically, i.e. without clicking. The only other thing I can think of is that if your connection is really slow then it can sometimes take a long time before the audio plays, but if this is happening to you all the time then that's probably not the explanation.

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