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wrong translation voted as correct.

Its obvious that 450 CV in spanish does not mean 450 cc in english.

450 CV is horsepower of a car.

A Phaeton with 450 cc does not make that much sense.

But 23 people voted the translation as very good. So there is a problem.

January 25, 2012



This is a good insight about a weakness in crowdsourced translation. Without domain knowledge, people will make mistakes. Duolingo users (including me) don't know as much about cars and horse power as you do.


Eduardo67 may not be posting a "Question" but that brings out a very valid point as Leonid has mentioned.

It is hard for people who have no background knowledge in that area to translate the content. I see mistakes in TV subtitles all the time. Even the word "Phaeton" did not make sense in the beginning. I thought it was talking about the Rolls Royce Phantom. After a bit of internet research, now I know VW has a luxury line called Phaeton; and apparently not very successful yet. CV is "caballo de vapor" or "horse steam" in English. Also, mathematically 1 CV is not exactly 1 horsepower. 450 CV ≈ 443.66 hp .


how is that a question?

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