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No Vocab lesson for the "liest" word family for German?

I'm having trouble in general separating the different forms of the verbs, and the Vocab seems to help with that, but I can't find one for "liest" or the other words for reads / am reading. Is there a reason for that?

September 14, 2013



Look for lesen (infinitive form).


That's not there either. There aren't any words that start with L on my list.


Hmmm.. it's in mine when liest isn't, so I thought that was the solution. Contact directly Duolingo maybe (Support button on the left).

By the way, use the reply button under a comments when you reply to a particular comment. It keeps clearer the discussion page, especially since Duolingo re-order the post according to down/up-vote, so the chronological order can be messed up.

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