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  5. "Two is a number."

"Two is a number."

Translation:İki bir sayı.

April 19, 2015



On Iphone it wont accept my answer even though its the same as their answer


It said I had a typo and underlined "İki", but that is exactly how I typed it. Hard to typo that!


Can we omit "bir" in "İki bir sayı" or " İki bir numara"?


as told by deorme, it sounds weird to omit "bir"; especially if you don't have -dir. So you could say "iki sayıdır". also keep in mind that numara and sayı are not exactly the same. Numara is the number of something within a group. Sayı is more general


Thanks (all of you) for your answers.

So "-dir" in "iki sayıdır" makes it clear that it is an independent clause?

What about "iki sayı"? Must that be a noun phrase ("two numbers" as deorme90 says) or can it also be an independent clause?

I am interested in learning more about the difference between "numara" and "sayı". Does it have anything to do with the difference between number/quantity and numeral/digit? If not, how can I translate "twelve is a number; one and two are its digits" into Turkish?


numara is a number that has a meaning in real world such as student number (öğrenci numarası), telephone number (telefon numarası)...

sayı is a number that you deal with in mathematics. meaningful numbers in maths are included such as pi number (pi sayısı). it also means number in the meaning of 'countable quantity'. for example öğrenci sayısı (the number of students). amount is miktar which is used for uncountable quantity.

yes -dir ending makes it more clear that it is an independent clause. but i think 'bir' is still necessary because now it may also sound 'it's two numbers.' as an independent clause. you can also say 'iki sayı' but it's very ambigious.

-dir ending may also be more convenient because this sentence states a general fact but this ending is not used in daily speaking much.


Thanks. It's much clearer to me now.


well technically you can but since iki can also be an adjective it sounds like TWO NUMBERS instead of 'two is a number'. so people wouldn't usually omit bir in such a sentence


Hi there,as it is ''a statement of a fact'' -dir is a must to use here as a rule to avoid any misunderstanding.

Hope this helps!Cheers!


good info but I don't think this is what he is asking :)


Hi there! :)

I'm sorry:) I saw ''bir'' as ''dir'',guess it is the side effect of being exposure to the same question over and over again :)

And as for answer:

''Bir'' is the modifer of the sentence,so we cannot omit it.

Hope this helps!Cheers:)


Not "say", "sayı"

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