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Who misses the heart system?

What is going on? Have you guys noticed that the heart system is gone? I want it back. It's easier to compete that way. Do you want it back too? :) I really miss it.:(

April 19, 2015



I do better without it. I always found it really maddening to lose out on the last one and have to redo the whole lesson, especially as they get longer and harder. I prefer to do a few more and definitely pass.


I basically gave up on Duolingo for a year, because the heart system stopped me progressing through a difficult German lesson. The ability to just keep working on the same lesson until I pass has transformed my ability to learn.


It's okay to make mistakes, everyone does. Old system, didn't tolerate that


Also, it really fun. It can take so long if you're using the computer way.


I don't want it back. I don't miss it one little bit. I really like the moving line and the fact that you get an actual number (17) for a perfectly done lesson. No more hearts. Move the hearts over to the Valentine.com website.


I really did not like it. I could never progress through lessons. With the new system, I can do a much better job.


I hope no one misses it.


I was frustrated with the hearts system in German.

I now happily don't miss it at all in 10 languages.


My wife just stared on the duolingo app, and she's gots hearts! Are they a/b testing in the iPad app?

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