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Woohoo! Spanish Tree Completed in under a month! Keep at it!


At first I had no passion for Spanish; I merely chose it because I was offered a university scholarship to study abroad in a spanish-speaking country, and needed to learn the language alongside it. This rubbed off on my work in class and I was doing very badly in Spanish, barely passing exams and such.

Then the passion came when I started watching shows and finding myself understanding the Spanish parts (Breaking Bad hehe). I started to study more using programs, since the traditional exercise book didn't work for my concentration. Rosetta Stone managed to keep me at the top of the class for a while, but it began to get less useful the more I progressed and I found myself slipping again.

During my holidays, I decided to get into studying again to make sure Spanish doesn't impact heavily on my overall grades and stumbled across Duolingo. With one month until the start of my second academic year, I was on a race against time. I tried pretty much every program out there before this they didn't appeal to me but Duolingo was the one. Duolingo does more than help you when you need it, it motivates you to keep working and improving your skills.

Thanks Duolingo Team!

September 14, 2013



Congratulations! Your speed and passion to achieve your goals is inspirational. Good luck in on the ship of scholar.


Thanks! I've appreciated your motivation messages haha!


I read the other day there is an all Spanish remake of the TV show "Breaking Bad" in the works.


"Quebrantar grave"? :D


I think the name will be "Metástasis". And I do not know what that means. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/univision-sony-firm-up-plans-521718


Bien hecho! Ahora deberías tratar de usar Memrise.com. On Duolingo, you're not going to be getting any more new vocabulary unfortunately, so that's what I've started doing. Of course keep practicing Spanish on Duolingo though. And like I always say, watch some movies, play some video games, listen to music, or go on some chat rooms (espanglishchat.com is what I use from time to time). IN CONCLUSION: That's amazing that you've finished the tree under a month! It goes to show how much you can learn in such a short period of time with Duolingo. Keep at it!


Great advice man! Muchas gracias!


Have you participated in the Immersion section of duolingo? I would think the best way to get more vocabulary, using the duolingo website, would be to create translations and new vocabulary would flow from that work as a result of others participating on the project. I've yet to try the Immersion portion of duolingo and I'm wondering about definition and translation functions we see in our lessons, (OnMouseOver, etc ...), if those appear in a document posted for translation here on duolingo ... hmmmm


I haven't used the immersion section much, because there is always a translation better than what I would put, or it's just too difficult. But I think that I might start reading some of the articles (without translating) because at least you can hover over the words to get the definition.


I just looked at memrise. They have a lot to offer in Spanish but it seems to be rather beginning levels. What course do you suggest once you completed the duolingo tree?


I believe you're talking about the "Basic Mexican Spanish" course. I am currently using the "1500 word Spanish Intro". It doesn't teach you to use the words like Duolingo does, but it teaches you vocabulary which you will already know how to use if you finished Duolingo.


Don't wanna be mean but ... why are you only on level 11 ? When skipping (with the keyhole option) over some parts of the tree, your level would suppose to follow your progress. I guess...


I'm still at a low level because I finished it quickly. Therefore I was mainly gaining the points you'd receive for solely doing lessons, not repeats and revision.


Sorry if my question offendef you. That makes sense. Congrats for your accomlishment!


Pretty good! Nice job!




If you complete the tree what level would that be

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