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  5. "Eu vou ganhar um relógio."

"Eu vou ganhar um relógio."

Translation:I am going to get a watch.

September 14, 2013



I thought it should be 'I'm going to win a watch.' (As perhaps in a competition)


It could be. Once again the problem is the lack of context.

Ganhar - to win or to earn

Vou ganhar um relógio como prêmio da competição. - I will get (win) a watch as a prize from the competition.

Vou ganhar um relógio se eu fazer minhas tarefas. - I will get (earn) a watch if I do my chores

Ganhar - to receive, used specifically with gifts.

Eu vou ganhar um relógio no meu aniversário. - I will get (receive) a watch on my birthday


Accepted as of October 2020


So the meaning here is closer to "I'm going to receive a watch"?


Yes. He's gonna have a watch as a gift.


So if you want to say "I'm going to get a watch" what would you say in portuguese. Does "Eu vou ganhar um relogio" work?


Mm...theoretically, I guess so, but the chances are you'll be misinterpreted, I think. What do you really mean by saying it? If you mean you'll go buy a watch, I would have said "vou comprar", and if you mean you'll find a watch in your closet, maybe "vou achar".

Even for the English "I'll get you a taxi", I think I wouldn't have used 'ganhar' although it might work out. I'd probably say "vou procurar" or "vou achar" in this case.

(I'm not native -- others might correct me!)


yes. "eu vou ganhar um relógio no dia dos namorados" = "I'm going to get a watch on valentine's day"


Why was "I will get a watch" marked as incorrect?


Shouldnt it be "eu vou pegar um relogio"

[deactivated user]

    Why not "obter" or "receber" (to get), both of which are offered on a translation app? Surely these would be closer to the actual translation than "ganhar" (to win)...!


    "I will win the watch. " acceptible or no?

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