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Suggestion: Multiple "Double or Nothing"s

I'd love to buy a dozen of them - or wager more than 5 lingots. Maybe make that possible?

Or maybe make other kinds of challenges associated with the wager - such as learning 3 skills in one day, instead of the 7-day streak.

September 14, 2013



Yeah that would make getting Lingots waaaay too easy.


That would inflate the Lingots I suppose =) We only get a little Lingot ratio, but we do not need more to buy the things available. I think we must accept, that they are a small scaled currency^^


I don't understand how that will work... Anyways our lingot salary is pretty low...


Yeah, that's the problem. I want to make more lingots. I only have 68.


Yeah, it's really sad :'( But I have 100 lingots (yeah I know really crazy)

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