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  5. "Kaç tane sıfır var?"

"Kaç tane sıfır var?"

Translation:How many zeros are there?

April 19, 2015



What does "Kaç tane sıfır var?" mean?

I can imagine asking "How many zeros are there?" when talking about digits in a phone number.

I can also imagine asking "How many zeros are there?" when talking about quantities in a stock take, when several products are out of stock (possible answer: "two zeros; no apples and no oranges").

I can also imagine asking "How many zeros are there?" about an algebraic problem (possible answer: "it's quadratic, so it has two zeros").

I can even imagine asking "How many zeros are there?" as a more abstract mathematical question (with an answer something like "there is exactly one number n such that n+m=m for all m; that number is zero").

Does "Kaç tane sıfır var?" apply to any or all of these situations?


all of the things listed above


Thanks, Selcen. It seems that "sıfır" and "zero" are perfect translations of each other. Words often don't translate perfectly, even between closely related languages, like English and German.


I am thinking about all those high-denomination Turkish banknotes from the 1990's, with a bank customer noticing the TL 10,000,000 for the very first time before spluttering, "Kaç tane sıfır var???!!!"


I live in Turkey ... they use the word (Sıfır) when talking about new products "sıfir cep - ekencı cep" new phone - Secondhand phone


we lovr zero in bank to the right


the word tane is very mysterious. The original meaning of Tane is "seed". How did it get the meaning of "pieces" from "seed"? Rather are they totally different words? this Semantical metamorphosis is beyond my comprehension.


Sifir is also sifr in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Pashto and Kurdish. I'm guessing other languages use it too

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