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  5. "Saati kurdum."

"Saati kurdum."

Translation:I set the clock.

April 19, 2015



Saati? Why not saatı? I'd like to know


Usually the words that are from Arabic origin finishing with -at, -ol and -ak are exceptions to the vocal harmony and the consonant mutation.


I'd say that some words of Arabic origin, in general, i.e., regardless of their endings, are exceptions to the vowel harmony rule. For example: "harf", "kalp", "maaş", "Kemal"...


Kourdizo is a Greek verb of Turkish origin, I think, meaning I turn the spring of a clock to give it evergy. Kourdismeno roloi means a good and working well clock. These words make sense to me now!


So "I set the time" would be "Saati ayarladım"?


in my opinion saati ayarlamak is more convenient. kurmak is more used in setting the alarm (alarmı kurmak). some people may even use the phrase 'saati kurmak' for setting the alarm.

however saati kurmak and saati ayarlamak are still interchangeable. if you set the date you should say 'tarihi ayarladım'


"saati kurmak" and "saati ayarlamak" are not always interchangeable. saati kurmak is only adjusting the time on your clock/timer, saati ayarlamak can be this, and also arranging the time for a meeting, and also setting it to the correct time (e.g. adjusting it to summer time)


hmm, I put "I set the time" for "Saati kurmak" and it was marked wrong. Should it have been correct?


I think setting the time and setting the clock are the same, at least in turkish. because we use saat for both time (in hour:minute sense) and clock. so it should have been correct i guess.


Now that I think about it, they are practically the same in English too.


@dieprinzessin: kurmak, so this sentence, can only mean the first one, the adjustment of a device (the clock/the alarm) meaning I push a button. Similarly, setting the CLOCK, does not mean "making an arrangement/appointment I set the time for breakfast/ I set the date for the wedding.."


Aren't we talking about to different functions:

  • the adjustment of a device (the clock/the alarm) meaning I push a button

  • making an arrangement/appointment I set the time for breakfast/ I set the date for the wedding...

I don't know how the Turkish verbs fit in there. My guess would be kurmak for the first and ayarlarmak for the second.But I am merely based on the discussion above.


"Saati kurdum." Translation: I set the clock.


I set the time. - Correct.

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