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  5. "The cat's man."

"The cat's man."

Translation:Fear an chait.

April 19, 2015



I gave that answer,( fear an chait) only to be told it was wrong. That it should be (Fir na gcat.) Yet when the question came up again and I said (fir na gcat) I was told that was wrong. Now lads you can’t have it both ways. Your wrecking me head

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Fear an chait - "The man of the cat" - "The cat's man" (one man, one cat)
Fear na gcat - "The man of the cats" - "The cats' man" (one man, multiple cats)
Fir an chait - "The men of the cat" - "The cat's men" (multiple men, one cat)
Fir na gcat - "The men of the cats" - "The cats' men" (multiple men, multiple cats)


That's really how it is.


Why does the article change from singular to plural in other examples?


Feminine nouns in the genitive singular use na; masculine ones use an.

So, Fear an chait but Cat na leabharlainne


Will take some time to get my head around this. Thanks!

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