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error 2032 when use microphone. How to fix it? Thanks!

Some one know how to fix it?

April 19, 2015



It might help if you gave more information like what platform, what Operating System and what Browser or App you are using together with what you were trying to do at the time of the error.


Further investigation, it looks like a Flash error when attempting to link to a url (possibly to analyse the mic input). You could try reinstalling Flash. The url may be blocked somehow in which case you will need to investigate how to unblock it or get round the block.


I use ubuntu os, and my browser is firefox 37.0.1 installed flash.


I have the same problem with Ubuntu 15.04 and Firefox 37.0.2.

Don't know how to fix it but Chroumium works correctly. So sudo apt-get install chromium-browser should work as workaround.

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