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  5. "The restaurant's menu."

"The restaurant's menu."

Translation:Biachlár na bialainne.

April 19, 2015



Why is there a plural article here?


It's not a plural article. In the genitive singular, feminine nouns use na instead of an.


Could you help me find material to help me understand gender? nualeargais.ie isn't making sense to me.


I have read that nouns are very likely to be feminine when they end in a slender consonant, end in -eog, -óg, -lann, are multi-syllable nouns ending in -acht or -íocht, are names of countries and languages, are abstract nouns ending in -e or -i


Information as detailed as that is likely to be correct.

Nouns ending in -eog and -óg are always feminine without exception.

I'm 99% sure the same applies to all nouns ending in -lann.


anlann and salann are masculine nouns that end in - lann.

Compound words take their gender from the last compounding word (except where the compound is formed with the prefix ban). As lann ("land", "ground", "site") is a feminine noun, compound words for places/locations that end in lann are feminine because lann is feminine, not because words that end in -lann are feminine.

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