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Ideas for the lingot system

Here are a few of my ideas that I thought of for the lingot system. Please note that I appreciate everything the staff does to make Duolingo better. But I had a bunch of ideas, and I thought it would be fun to share them.

How about add an option where you can change the style of Duolingo? You know how there's a landscape background with very bright colors? Well, there could be a forest theme, space theme, city theme, and also some color-based themes like blue, white, black, etc. That way, everyone could customize the way the website looks, and people could have a style that suits them. Themes could cost from 20-25 lingots (for the basic color themes) to 30-50 lingots (for the themes based on a place). Also, perhaps there could be special backgrounds based on the time of year (like a beach theme for the summer). Finally, there could be a golden theme that costs hundreds of lingots, just so people with heaps of lingots don't feel like their purchases are worthless.

Or there could be extended forum features. For example, the ability to embed videos or audio clips into the forums. These could cost around 50 lingots. Not only would they add more spending options for lingots, but they could also make the forums more vibrant and interactive.

I also think that there should be more flexibility on the "Double or Nothing" option. We should be able to set up how many lingots we want to wager. That way, we’re not only getting five lingots for a week of practice. However, a limit should be set based to the amount of lingots you have. So if I had ten lingots, I could wager all of them. This would give new users an incentive to keep on going. If I had a hundred lingots, I could only wager twenty. That way I’d have to also do some things on the forum and practice my lessons to get lingots. And If I had a thousand lingots, I could only wager 100, so I don’t immediately get a heap of lingots.

Please give me advice on these ideas, and upvote if you’d like any of these ideas to be on the website. Thanks for reading all this, and I hope you’ll leave your opinion in the comments below! :)

April 20, 2015



(this is a personal opinion - I'm not staff, just a helper)

Duolingo's staff have their own reasons to not have started "selling" those things for lingots. I myself have already suggested things like that before.

But trust me, they DO receive your feedback and analyse it.

There are a lot of invisible issues they take care of every day. We cannot see them, but they are constantly evolving, fixing little problems, trying new ways to teach.


I know :) As I stated,

Please note that I appreciate everything the staff does to make Duolingo better.

I wasn't aware of anyone suggesting these ideas before. And, of course, I will always love Duolingo.


Or how about you can buy the "kit" to make a bonus skill. This would be like Memrise where you can make your own skills. For example, you could make an extended Animal skill with grasshopper and tiger and robin etc.. Perhaps you can even have a store where you could sell your skill?


I really like that idea, but it's got the same problem as the "embed video and audio" idea: every user-created skill would have to be quality-controlled, meaning more work for admins/mods. Just based on how many discussions I've seen suggesting it, I'd anticipate several user-made units on swearing.


I would also create themes based on the language a user is learning or the homeland for a language. Neat ideas!

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Theming Duolingo would be nice, I'd like to have a red-on-dark theme (which causes less eyestrain). But probably this is not a staff's priority.

Another idea would be to let users customize their own tree, adding skills and/or words they encounter while studying on other means. Like... you're studying more advanced grammar on a book, then you make a new skill with something new you've just learnt, and practice it on here. Or you can make a word list with slang idioms your native friend taught you...


You know, your idea of a red and black theme has just made me think, it would be very cool if Duolingo had options to make it easier for people with dyslexia - there are special fonts that can really help, and different text and different colour backgrounds can also be a huge help.

I love the idea of themes, but I think making life easier for potential learners with dyslexia would be a genuine addition to Duolingo's stated aim/mission.


There is duodark, which has been a life-saver for my eyes on duodark. The standard bright-white background gives me a headache after a while. It would be nice if this was available directly from duolingo as a setting.


I would imagine the ability to embed videos and audio would be hard to implement. I like the themes idea, though.


That, and embedding would require more work from the mods/admins in order to police the content.


You should be able to use your own .jpg pictures for the background, and maybe you could be able to change even the white foreground you see in front of you always?!

P.S. Fonts too.


I like the font Duolingo uses :)

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