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A bug in timed practice

Hey guys I have noticed a bug in time practice where I record me speaking but then it doesn't check the recording to see if it's correct. Then I do it again and again and it doesn't check it. So I have to skip the question and It causes me to waste time and fail in most cases. Has anyone else come across this?

September 14, 2013



Yeah, also happened to me a few times, and I haven't been able to figure out what causes it. I also find it strange that if I come across another speaking practice during the same lesson, it works normally again.


Are you still having this issue? I've been running into it a lot, it basically has made it impossible for me to do timed practices :(. I've noticed it happens in regular lessons as well, and the response does finally come back, but it can take more than a minute sometimes.

I submitted a support ticket about it...waiting to hear back on it.


Yeah it happened to me today.


You can turn off the recording part in the settings if you want to (Just saying) that way you can do your timed practices quicker :)


Oh yeah, definitely, I've had to do that to avoid each lesson taking an extra 5 minutes of waiting around :) It sucks though, because (IMO, at least) the recording exercises where you translate a written phrase from your native language are usually the hardest and most useful...


How can we talk to each other via messages? Nathan I'm totally jealous of your streak, work is getting in the way too much for me to put the full on grind out mad respect to you hopefully in the future we can speak our newfound language together!


Thanks bro since I graduated I have had a lot of spare time it seems like and I have been trying to put it to good use.


Not sure if this is the same problem, but I have had it not recognize what I said many times in the last few days. And I am sure not all of my attempts were that bad! I have literally tried to say a very simple sentence 5 times and than ran out of time...


I have seen it do that before too. My problem is that it records my voice but doesn't check it at all. I give it 10 tries and it does nothing. This only happens ever few lessons but it's so annoying.


That has actually also happened to me in the meantime! And I agree it is really annoying.

Lets revisit this in a while - I assume the team is going to busy with the language incubator this week (and there will a huge followup of minor bugfixes and stuff from the incubators, I am sure. poor guys!, haha)

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