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  5. "The waiter eats pasta."

"The waiter eats pasta."

Translation:Garson makarna yer.

April 20, 2015



Is this a loan word from the French "garçon", and if so, does it also include waitresses?


Yep, in Turkish gender doesn't affect the word. Even a woman can say " Ben garsonum".


How do I know from this sentence, and without any context, that the correct translation is "Garson makarna yer." and not "Garson makarna yiyor" ? In my reasoning, this sounds more like something the waiter is doing now (not all the waiters eat pasta as a fact, after all). Txs


Because it is stating a fact, that the waiter eats pasta NOT that he is doing it right now. Either way, if he were doing it "right now" it would be "The waiter is eating pasta"


Please explain differnce garson and garsunun

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