"The waiter eats pasta."

Translation:Garson makarna yer.

3 years ago


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How do I know from this sentence, and without any context, that the correct translation is "Garson makarna yer." and not "Garson makarna yiyor" ? In my reasoning, this sounds more like something the waiter is doing now (not all the waiters eat pasta as a fact, after all). Txs

3 years ago


Because it is stating a fact, that the waiter eats pasta NOT that he is doing it right now. Either way, if he were doing it "right now" it would be "The waiter is eating pasta"

3 years ago


Please explain differnce garson and garsunun

1 year ago


Is this a loan word from the French "gar├žon", and if so, does it also include waitresses?

7 months ago


Yep, in Turkish gender doesn't affect the word. Even a woman can say " Ben garsonum".

5 months ago


Thank you :-)

5 months ago
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