"En periode af tid"

Translation:A period of time

April 20, 2015



This is just wrong. The Danes would say "Et stykke tid." Lit "A piece of time."

January 23, 2016


This is a non-phrase in Danish. "A bit of time" is "Et stykke tid," "En rum tid" or "Nogen tid". "A period" (e.g. a decade) is "En periode".

May 26, 2015


Or "En tidsperiode"

February 2, 2018


Would you use 'periode' to talk about classes in school? (Ex. Period 1, Period 2, etc.)

July 2, 2015


My school years are two decades away but we never did. We always said "en time-(an hour)" even if the lesson were more or less than an hour long.

July 29, 2015


Remember that "af" is pronounced "e" (apparently!)

November 8, 2015


More like "a".

According to Wiktionary, the IPA is /æːˀ/, so it's the sound in "cat" (/kæt/ in US). "e" in Danish is said with a more closed mouth. But differences between A, E and Æ are pretty subtle.

November 8, 2015


The "differences between A, E and Æ are pretty subtle". Very true, Hagtar! I should have made it clear I was talking about a General British "e", as in "met". Danish "æ" (and "a"!) frequently sound to British ears like our "e". The same goes for (many) Americans' and (almost all) Germans' pronunciation of words like "hand" as "hend". I'm thinking of those German "mennagers" with their "hendies" (= BrE mobiles / AmE cellphones). Undskyld, tyske venner! (You should hear my mangling of the German language!)

November 8, 2015


jeg er enig normalt vil man sige Et stykke tid

April 26, 2019
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