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Bell and Stream : Revised sentences from Immersion


as we receive mails when someone commented on a discussion (or answered to our own comment) and have a bell notification and/or an entry in our Stream, I think it would be great to have bell notification/ entry in Stream when someone changed something on an article for which you've made a translation.

In fact I would see several changes:

  • to receive an e-mail when someone make a changed something on an article for which you've made a translation. Not only for sentences within the article that you changed before : same as for discussion for which we receive mail not only when someone replies to our comment.
  • Bell entry when someone changed our entry : as for answers to one of our post. So only when our entry was the last version and someone just change it.
  • "See more -->" of the Bell expand the list. I don't like to be send to the Stream where there is to much things. I preferred the Bell where are only the direct interaction with me and so would like that the "See more" expand from 5 to XX (10? 20? may be one click 10 second 20, and a scroll down thing) the number of visible entries visible.

Maybe, as partly mentioned by someone (probably several) before, to have the ability to configure this as we want (with the above options available ;)).

Hope I was clear enough.

September 14, 2013


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