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Puerto Rican slang?

Hola, Can anybody tell me what the word 'boricua' means? I encountered it in a text about Juán Mariá Arcelay that I am translating. My guess is "chap", "guy", ...

September 14, 2013



Ooo, thanks a lot, jrikhal. (I feel very lazy all of a sudden ;-)))



By the way, FYI, here (in the general discussion section, called Duolingo or General) your post will be quickly lost in the enormous amount of posts so, to have more answers/explanations to your question, it would have been better to post it in the Spanish Discussion.
When you create a new discussion, there is a drop-down menu on the top, change from the default value "Duolingo" (which corresponds to this general discussion page) for the specific one (Spanish, in your case). But you can change it now, it's not too late : edit your original post then select the Spanish forum.


And thanks again for some great advice. I won't transfer this post as it is answered already, but next time I'll certainly use the Spanish forum.


Boricua is another way of saying Puerto Rican in spanish. They usually either say Boricua or Puerto Ricaña (idk if that's how you spell it thought). My husband is Puerto Rican and uses these terms interchangeably. :) hope this helps

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