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Timed practice: too little time

I know that this issue has been raised before. But I really like the competition when practicing. So I do not think that this item should be removed but modified. Why not set the timer at 1 minute instead of 30 seconds. That would already greatly improve it.

September 14, 2013



IMO, it can be too little at the beginning, but after some days/weeks of practice it become enough.
Clearly sometimes you'll still lack some time, but without it there would be no challenge...


I totally agree, but when you need to translate a full sentence (especially later in the tree) it simply is not enough. And I am a fast typer ;)


Of course some time you have one or two long sentence in a time practice session, but it's even more challenging. I finished two trees and it doesn't occur so much for this languages and it's generally doable (even if sometimes I have to think about the sentence in French (from English) to translate it to Spanish at the end).

I really think there wouldn't be any challenge with one minute (for this amount of questions). At least for french <-> english and spanish <-> english. But maybe the german case is special and some additional time could be, but multiplying it by two...


I find this too. Even an just extra 10 seconds would make a difference :)


May be they avoid introducing writhing (especially long) questions for the first few questions (if that technically easy).


Well, if they doubled the time they'd have to double the number of questions. In any case see tips on this thread, on how to beat the timer : http://www.duolingo.com/comment/793199

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