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  5. "Amanhã não é sexta-feira."

"Amanhã não é sexta-feira."

Translation:Tomorrow is not Friday.

April 20, 2015



So monday through friday are marked by numbers, but saturday and sunday are not? Interesting.


We speak "sêxta", not "séxta" like sound the Duo speake. Namely, we use a nasal sound. Note, the accentuation do not refer to a right way to write, but I used like a symbol representing intonation.


The audio says "Amanhã é sexta feira" please listen carefully. I'll be waiting for your comments


I hear "Amanhã não é sexta-feira".


"Tomorrow it is not Friday" should be correct, shouldn't it?


No, you only use "it" when there's no other subject. In this structure, "tomorrow" is the subject of the verb "is".

  • Tomorrow is not Friday.

  • It is not Friday tomorrow.

But not "Tomorrow it is not Friday"


Yes, you are right actually. After some thought what you are saying is correct English.


I wrote It is not Friday tomorrow, but it gave a wrong answer...


Yeah, that changes the structure of the sentence and has a different translation, so I doubt it would be accepted. (The translation would be "Não é sexta-feira amanhã")


Something is wrong with my Duo. None of the audios with the word "feira" has been recognized since I started this part. Does anybody have the same problem?


Try sounding the "r" a little softer, something in between "d and rr." I found that this has helped me.


The only way I like this sentence is if it is followed up with: "porque hoje é sexta," otherwise, it is such a disappointment, but makes me laugh!!

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