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Immersion: Wikipedia's article - standard sentence/"copyright" symbol for pages/text translated through Duolingo (free) Immersion.


when an article is translated and we want to put it back into Wikipedia, I think it would be fair and honest to add in the Comment/Edit Summary into Wikipedia that these changes are due to a collaborative work of Duolingo's users. Does the Duolingo team already a standard phrase/symbol ("®Duolingo's users"? :)) that we should use?

NB: I didn't find any information of this kind in Discussions, if it already exists, sorry it was in one of the 29 results of my "immersion AND wikipedia" search.

September 14, 2013



We do not have this, since we prefer for the community to come up with it :)


Why do Duo think about "These modifications are the result of the collaborative work of the Duolingo community. www.duolingo.com"?


I personally think this would be great as it would:

  1. Tell people it was translated by us all [of course]. If a Duolingo user went onto that article they would know that they helped translate it [provided that they use the immersion tab]

  2. Tell people about Duolingo and encourage them to come and learn languages here!

If this ever did get implemented I think it would be great if there was a thing in the article in Immersion for contributing users to add their name/username which would then be added onto the article under something like 'Duolingo users who contributed to the translation of this article.' I think it would be nice, as you say because then people would be getting recognised for their work on Immersion.


I finally choose the following formulation:
Translated from {Name}'(s) {Lang} Wikipedia ({Link_version}) by the collaborative work of the [[Duolingo]] community.

  • {Lang}: language from which we translated,
  • {Name}: Name of the {Lang} Wikipedia page,
  • {Link_version}: Link to the {Name} page with the number of the version (parameter oldid) from which we translated.

If gives, for example for this translation http://www.duolingo.com/translation/4bd39d0086d02982d72a0bf6fb4aaa8f, the following:
Translated from Pablo Illanes' Spanish Wikipedia (https://es.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Pablo_Illanes & oldid=67915092) by the collaborative work of the [[Duolingo]] community.
NB: without spaces around "&" (before "oldid")

Does it seem good to you all?


Material on Wikipedia isn't copyrighted - it's under a Creative Commons license. So there's no copyright or reservation of rights to Duolingo users (or individual Wikipedia users). It's probably fine to add a note to the comment/edit summary, but only other editors are going to see that, not general users.


Yes, that's why I put *copyright" between guillemet...

It's Creative Commons license, they keep track of each contributors because is one of the author. And, e.g. if you merge/split/move an article in Wikipedia you have to keep track of the original article (same when you translated) so that there is a link to the original one in the aim to keep the track of who contributed to this page...


I have put in a request at the Wiki help desk. It seems that there is a rule that the person putting in the link must have done it personally.. I explained about Duolingo being a collaborative group and left a sample translation. Let's see what they say about it and what we can do.


Duolingo has a Wikipedia page here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duolingo. Could we use this somehow in our symbol or set up a new page for our downloads?


For my part, I used it, through the Wikipedia's internal link: [[Duolingo]] (the double bracket [[ ]], is an Wikipedia's internal link).


I am logged in there now and I can see it. It looks great.

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