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  5. "Min bedstemor er i haven."

"Min bedstemor er i haven."

Translation:My grandmother is in the garden.

April 20, 2015



My first thought was: my grandmother is in haven...


It is kind of a lovely word though.


Yes, it is :)


I thought it was "heaven" at first 0_0


I am British and having some confusion with the use of garden and yard in this course. Does this Danish sentence mean Granny may be sitting in a chair on the decking (as the English translation implies to me) or is she literally amongst the flowers?


IDK, but my guess, and how I would use, is considering both as correct.


I second that. I even do not understand why christhroup distinguishes between those two possibilities. Granny may be planting flowers as well as sitting in her chair and sipping her tea.


I think have is the entire outside bit that comes with a house. The sentence doesn't make clear whether granny is sitting in a chair or planting flowers - it just says she is in the garden/backyard/whatever you call the outside bit that belongs to a house.


When something is inside of a room, we seem to use på. What is the rule there? Is på only for structures?


There is not much of a rule there, but usually you're pretty well off with using i. is mostly used for anything værelse and for some public places: på torvet (in the square), på embeden (in the public office), på slottet (in the castle).


i thought it said the grandma was in heaven...

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