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  5. "Min bedstemor er i haven."

"Min bedstemor er i haven."

Translation:My grandmother is in the garden.

April 20, 2015


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My first thought was: my grandmother is in haven...

April 20, 2015


It is kind of a lovely word though.


Yes, it is :)


I thought it was "heaven" at first 0_0


I am British and having some confusion with the use of garden and yard in this course. Does this Danish sentence mean Granny may be sitting in a chair on the decking (as the English translation implies to me) or is she literally amongst the flowers?


IDK, but my guess, and how I would use, is considering both as correct.


I second that. I even do not understand why christhroup distinguishes between those two possibilities. Granny may be planting flowers as well as sitting in her chair and sipping her tea.


When something is inside of a room, we seem to use på. What is the rule there? Is på only for structures?


There is not much of a rule there, but usually you're pretty well off with using i. is mostly used for anything værelse and for some public places: på torvet (in the square), på embeden (in the public office), på slottet (in the castle).

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