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We need a way to merge two sentence fragments in Immersion

When a sentence gets split into two fragments, it causes several problems.

  • Sometimes the fragments get translated separately leading to nonsense results

  • Sometimes one translator will translate the whole sentence into the first part, and then other translators will translate the other parts, causing a bizarre duplication

I propose that Duolingo give us a mechanism to join two fragments together:

For all fragments in a paragraph besides the last one, add a button in the Edit dialog to allow us to merge it with the next fragment.

There might be issues with comments related to the previous translation of the following fragment(s), but I think those issues would be much less troublesome than the current mess these sentences can get into.

And hopefully the first person who translates those sentences would fix up the merging problems so the issue of lost translation histories wouldn't arise.

September 14, 2013



This is definitely a good idea. Quotes almost always end up outside of the sentence they belong to, and periods wreak havoc in German articles with ordinal numbers like: 17. Jahrhundert or am 27. Dezember. Don't know about other languages though.


The same goes for abbreviations.


So do I. Some basic editing functionality when uploading documents (e.g. to remove long tables from Wikipedia articles) would also be helpful.


Agree. I have seen enough examples, so I also would like the merging option.


It's a "must" for German translations, I second (and third, and fourth :D ) this.

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